Closing Deals | Opening Dreams – HECK Is Your Key To Real Estate Success

Closing Deals | Opening Dreams - HECK Is Your Key To Real Estate Success

HECK Unveils a New Horizon in Real Estate:
Elevating Home, Land, and Commercial Proficiency with a Fresh Brand and Unchanged Commitment to Excellence!

Heck Land Company is thrilled to announce the launch of its dynamic new brand – HECK. This exciting rebranding reflects their commitment to staying true to Heck Land’s roots of land and agricultural expertise yet increasing their scope of practice to incorporate residential and commercial sales more fully. HECK will continue to maintain the same stellar service, dedicated team, and client-first culture that has defined them over the years.

As an industry leader in real estate, Heck Land Company has always strived to exceed client expectations. With the unveiling of the HECK brand under the stewardship of its new owner, Brian Pine, HECK is taking a bold step forward to emphasize the company’s expansive knowledge across all facets of real estate through this strategic rebranding initiative.

While the visual identity of HECK undergoes a transformation, the core values that drive how HECK supports its clients remain steadfast. HECK pledges to guide each client through every facet of the transaction with the same level of dedication as if they were family – because to HECK, every client is.

The HECK team is thrilled to not only reaffirm their adherence to client care but also to introduce exciting opportunities in home, land, and commercial real estate. As their look is evolving, they are excited to see horizons broaden as well – HECK invites clients to explore the richness of residential living, the potential held in expansive lands, and the dynamic opportunities that commercial ventures present. Whatever kind of property a client is looking for – HECK is poised to be a dedicated partner on the exhilarating journey that is property ownership. Client aspirations are HECK’s priority, and the HECK team is ready to bring them to life!

Welcome to a new era with HECK – where client vision meets HECK’s care and knowhow.  


Kelvin Heck – 785-865-6266
Brian Pine – 785-423-1220
dana baker – 913-244-3527
jordan riffel – 785-424-0403

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