Closing Deals | Opening Dreams – HECK Is Your Key To Real Estate Success

Closing Deals | Opening Dreams - HECK Is Your Key To Real Estate Success

About Us

Purveyors of Prime Properties

Market conditions. Property valuation. Resale concerns. Buying and selling a home or land can be daunting. But it doesn’t have to be.   

The HECK Team knows farming because we’ve been agricultural producers. We know the importance of the family home because of how significant our families are to us. We know customer service because we’ve been serving Kansans in business and entrepreneurship our entire lives. We’ve walked in your shoes, so we have firsthand insight into your needs and concerns.   

Rest assured, as our client, you’ll receive our unwavering support and expertise every step of the way.  


Brian Pine


Since 2018, Brian Pine has been fulfilling clients’ real estate dreams, and since the summer of 2023, he proudly owns and heads up HECK. Brian is all about meaningful connections. His passion lies in building relationships with clients, ensuring an exceptional experience from the first handshake to the final meeting at the closing table. When he isn’t closing a transaction or winning a sales presentation, Brian enjoys spending time with his wife, Kathy, and their kids at Lake Wabaunsee. What Brian loves most about HECK is empowering the company to utilize a team-drive approach: each transaction involves multiple agents, backed by a behind-the-scenes team. As the owner, Brian eagerly anticipates the growth and possibilities that lie ahead for HECK.


Kelvin Heck


Kelvin Heck transitioned to specializing in land sales after a 25-year career as a licensed broker in Kansas, primarily in commercial real estate. Inspired by Bob Stephens’ fair and respectful approach to business, Kelvin believes in treating clients with sincerity and transparency. With each day at the office presenting new encounters and opportunities, Kelvin thrives on the diversity of his work, whether it’s conducting property tours or building client relationships. When not working, Kelvin finds joy in taking care of his home and farm, reflecting his commitment to pride of ownership. As he navigates both work and leisure, Kelvin’s personal motto, “NEVER BETTER!”, serves as a reminder to embrace each moment with positivity and enthusiasm.


Dana Baker


Dana Baker has been an integral part of the HECK team for three years, bringing a unique blend of compassion and adaptability to her role. Dana is especially known for her dedication to continual growth, as well as her determined nature. Outside of work, Dana prioritizes quality time with her family at Pomona Lake and is actively involved in causes like Cottonwood, Inc. She enjoys staying active with boxing classes, participating in a monthly book club, and making cherished memories with loved ones. Dana’s personal motto, “You get what you give,” reflects her belief in the importance of making a positive impact in both her professional and personal life. 

Diane Haist


Diane Haist, a valued member of HECK since February 2019, draws inspiration from her parents’ integrity and actions as a lifelong farm family. Her role focuses on enhancing marketing campaigns and community impact, where she excels with her creativity, attention to detail, and reliability. Outside of work, Diane cherishes family time with her husband, Rod, and four boys – they enjoy playing board games or just catching up on day-to-day life. Guided by her personal motto – Speak the Truth, Embrace Kindness – Diane aims to be remembered for her genuineness and caring nature in all she does.

Sonja Hart


Inspired by her grandmother’s resilience and intelligence, Sonja Hart is known for her dedication to customer service and her organized approach to every task. At HECK, she thrives on finding new listings, analyzing property comps, and ensuring smooth transactions for HECK clients. Outside of work, Sonja enjoys mowing the lawn, cooking, and reading. She’s passionate about causes like Douglas County 4-H and spends her spare time cheering at KU games with friends. With her caring nature and strong work ethic, Sonja Hart is more than just HECK’s Senior Transaction Manager —she’s a trusted advocate for clients’ dreams.

Jordan Riffel


Meet Jordan Riffel, the Marketing Manager at HECK. Jordan is a recent graduate of Kansas State University, having completed her studies in May 2023. Jordan was drawn to HECK because of the collaborative culture and commitment to success. Guided by her personal motto – “You will never be the best at anything except being yourself – embrace that” – Jordan brings a unique blend of professionalism and authenticity to her role. In her free time, Jordan enjoys theatrical arts (watching or performing) or spending quality time with her husband, Kyle, and their dogs, Rileah and Olive.


Empowering our clients and their families to cultivate generational wealth for themselves through property ownership – the American dream.


Be trusted advisors to assist our clients in determining the right path to achieve their goals.



Relationships are our greatest source of pride. Be grateful for the people we get to do life with – both in and out of the workplace.


Honesty is the foundation of our company, and we live by the Golden Rule. To us, nothing means more than a Handshake.


Open and continuous communication is key. Never be too prideful to ask questions. Do not pass on the opportunity to be quiet and listen.


Work with the best, have high expectations for yourself and others, and hold one another accountable.


Life is short – remember to smile and laugh often. If you enjoy what you do, you will never work a day in your life.


Be willing to share our gifts and our blessings to strengthen and empower those around us.

Kelvin Heck – 785-865-6266
Brian Pine – 785-423-1220
Dana Baker – 913-244-3527

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